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May 26, 2011

"Up the Yangtze"

© National Film Board Of Canada and EyeSteelFilm

Up the Yangtze

This documentary covers the flooding of the Yangtze River with the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, and the changes bought about not only in the landscape but also in the history and traditions of China. Filmmaker Yung Chang narrates the story of this transformative period, with ongoing comparison to the stories and legends surrounding the Yangtze that were passed down to him by his grandfather.

Woven into his narrative on the river is the experience of a family living and farming by the river in Fengdu, also known as the Ghost City, one of the many cities that would be flooded. The oldest child in the family, Yu Shui, is sent to work on the ship tours known as “farewell cruises” that travel down the Yangtze River before the completion of the dam. Her journey is paralleled with the movement of her family and of thousands of others who have to form new lives. Through interviews with Yu Shui, her family and other employees of the cruise ships, the varying views of loss and opportunity in the changing world around them are portrayed.

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