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June 03, 2011

"The Shakers"

Shakers stand in front of the Meeting House at the Shaker Village in Canterbury, N.H., circa 1888.
© AP Photo/Canterbury Shaker Village
Source: AP Images

The Shakers: I don’t want to be remembered as a chair
A BBC-TV Production

This documentary thoughtfully examines the last remaining Shakers in America who are overshadowed by the popularity and perceived value of their quality furniture and crafts. While these Shakers prefer to be known for their faith and simple way of life, it is their material goods that have drawn the most attention. In interviews addressing their problematic identity, the Shaker members tell humorous anecdotes about their encounters with the general public. Yet the trend for anything Shaker amongst wealthy collectors, including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, and the exorbitant prices they are willing to pay leave open the question of how the Shakers will be remembered.

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Bell Tower Building, Shaker Village, Canterbury, N.H.
© b givens
Source: flickr

Shaker Village in Canterbury, N.H.
© Miles Davis
Source: flickr

Shaker Village in Canterbury, N.H.
© E. Christopher Clark
Source: flickr

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