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July 19, 2011

Tissandier collection of aeronautical prints and drawings

Ascension du 26 septembre 1876, 700 mètres
[Gaston and Albert Tissandier ascending in their balloon "Zénith"]

Albert Tissandier, artist

Among the wealth of images in the Library of Congress's Prints & Photographs Online Catalog is the Tissandier collection. These images, collected by the balloonists Albert and Gaston Tissandier, document the early history of aeronautics. The prints and drawings range from 1773-1910; most concern balloon flight and concepts for heavier-than-air vehicles.

Flying, ca. 1830
Lowry, Joseph Wilson, engraver

[Airship powered by an electric motor developed by Albert and Gaston Tissandier departing from Auteuil, Paris, France, October 8, 1883]
Poyet, del ; E. A. Tilly.

Descente du ballon le Neptune dans les falaises du Cap Gris-Nez Voyage en ballon, Calais, 15 août 1868
Drawing, A. Tissandier

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