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August 09, 2011

"Alice Neel" (video review)

Alice Neel
Arthouse Films

Andrew Neel, the grandson of Alice Neel, creates a portrait of his grandmother by exploring the events of her life with the people who knew her. Throughout this film he raises the question of why artists paint and the guilt that Alice felt throughout her life about the impracticality of painting to make a living. In interviews, Alice’s sons share the difficulties of growing up in a transient environment but also the balance their mother achieved between her work and supporting her children to pursue their own dreams. Andrew also includes footage of interviews with Alice Neel in which she relates incidents in her life and her creative process. She expresses how she creates portraits, what it is she wants to portray about mankind and the importance of psychology in her paintings. Finally art historians such as Jeremy Lewison and Robert Storr assess her work and its place in the contemporary events surrounding her life as well as her final recognition as a great artist in the later years of her life.

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