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September 13, 2011


"After World War II, Berea College created a general studies course called "Man and the Humanities," in which students studied literature, music, and art. One of the first assignments asked students to draw their home community. Over the four-decade life of this course, some 7,000 drawings were saved. Because many of the students who came to Berea during these years were from Appalachia, these drawings are now primary sources that offer revealing glimpses of Appalachian life over the last half of the twentieth century. Mappalachia is an effort to make the drawings accessible to scholars, alumni, and the wider public."

From ira on the website's forum:

"Through out the films, travels, and discussions it re-enforced the thought of that my people are part of this region that we come to know as Appalachia. Before I came I never even thought of this area to be special in any way, in fact I thought the rest of the world was similar. These thoughts became complete obsolete. I have learn that this is an ever changing region of people with traditions that are deeply rooted that are unique only to this area alone. The films we watch reminded myself of home, a home that I have tried to leave behind, but realized that it is something that I should try to move on from, but be proud of. We as a people of this region never had anything to be embarrassed about, even if outsiders couldn't understand it, and this is one of the reason why we are still strong. We have lasted all these years and I say that we will last a few more years as long as we keep our traditions, keep out whit, and keep true to ourself. For me, I will stop running from whom I am, and be that mountain man that I was born to be, after all how could I be anything else."

via Mappalachia

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