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October 04, 2011

Pictures of Resistance

Shish Detachment Field Operating Table, Forests around Pinsk, 1943
© Faye Schulman
Source: JPEF/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Pictures of Resistance: The Wartime Photographs of Jewish Partisan Faye Schulman
Hatcher Graduate Library, Gallery in Room 100

With her leopard print coat, camera bag slung over her shoulder and striking features, Faye Schulman looks out of place holding a rifle in a exhibited photograph of resistance fighters. Yet as a partisan, nurse, and photographer, Faye fought for her own survival as well as the survival of others during WWII. Having helped her brother in his photography studio, Faye was chosen to take ID photos for the Nazis after the invasion of her home in Lenin, in Southern Poland. However, Faye escaped into the forest and became a member of the Molotova Brigade, a Soviet Union resistance group, and documented her experiences with her camera. The exhibition features the photos she took of the partisan members along with captions written by Faye describing the hardships they all endured, their will to survive and fight, and their tremendous courage.

The exhibition runs from September 6th - November 27th, 2011, with the Exhibit Opening scheduled for October 5 from 4:00–5:30 pm, and related lectures and films thereafter.

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