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December 15, 2011

"No Hop Sing, No Bruce Lee" (video review)

No Hop Sing, No Bruce Lee: what do you do when none of your heroes look like you?
Produced and Directed by Janice Tanaka

In her film Janice Tanaka addresses and examines Asian stereotypes upheld in movies and television and the often hurtful or one-dimensional nature they have. Asking the question “What do you do when none of your heroes look like you?” she examines the two limited extremes that Asians are often portrayed as: the servile and obliging character exemplified by Hop Sing in the television series Bonanza; or the mystical martial arts master portrayed in films by actors such as Bruce Lee. Interviews with Asian businessmen, actors and artists present their views and understandings of what it meant to be Asian growing up in America and how the portrayals they saw in the media affected them. All in all the film aims to present a wider view of Asian culture and peoples and to denounce the limited media stereotypes that have been imposed upon them.

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