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December 01, 2011

"Two Square Miles" (video review)

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Two Square Miles

In the small town of Hudson, N.Y. many are adjusting to the changes that have occurred over the years. Having gone from an industrial town, to a mostly abandoned one, and finally to the present with local businesses on the rise and new residents moving in, Hudson citizens must decide what they want the future of their town to look like. When the city council presents a bid by Saint Lawrence Cement to put a cement plant on the outskirts of the town, there are many divided between the jobs it would provide and the environmental and health problems it would cause. However, the majority of the town’s citizens decide against the cement plant and work together to convince the city council that this is not what they want, despite the council’s eagerness to accept the plant deal. Ultimately the film asks the question: Can the citizens of a small town work together to build and shape their desired community or will corporate America win out?

This video is among the many available to borrow from the Visual Resources Center in the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library. Search for videos in Mirlyn or in our video database.

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