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January 19, 2012

"Beijing Taxi" (video review)

A taxi waits near the Beijing Railway Station, Saturday, July 26, 2008, in Beijing.
© AP Photo / Robert F. Bukaty
Source: AP Images

Beijing Taxi
a film by Miao Wang

Miao Wang documents a rapidly changing city beginning two years before the 2008 Summer Olympics held in China. These changes are examined through the views of three taxi drivers who know the city and its ins and outs better than anyone else. Taxi driver Bai Jiwen shares the struggles of being a driver in the current economic situation and his dreams of retiring and traveling the world as a photographer. Zhou Yi also recognizes the affects the alterations of the city have on the taxi business and decides to change careers. Wei Caixi is a restless mother who went into taxi driving because the freedom of the job appealed to her. Even so, she becomes disillusioned with the practicality of the job as the whole nature of the city is transformed, and decides to open her own shop. Culminating with the start of the Olympics, the opportunities as well as the detriments to local businesses and shops are presented along with the reshaping of the lives of three taxi drivers in Beijing.

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