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February 08, 2012

"Sacred Hands"

Image from Sacred Hands exhibit
Courtesy of Special Collections Library

Sacred Hands: An Exhibit of Manuscripts with Texts of the Three Abrahamic Faiths
From the Special Collections and Papyrology Libraries
Through March 4, 2012

Sacred Hands, the latest exhibition at the Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery, features the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible, donated to the university by Carlos and Clara Quintanilla. Commissioned by the Saint John’s Abbey in Minnesota, Welsh artist Donald Jackson was able to achieve his childhood dream of creating an illuminated Bible in 2007. For this project he designed his own alphabet and worked with other Welsh artists to create exquisite illustrations that artfully combine the traditions of illumination throughout history with the developments in contemporary art. The Heritage Edition, a high quality, print facsimile, was then created so that this manuscript can be shared worldwide. For more information on the project check out The Saint John's Bible website.

This exhibition places the Heritage Edition of this contemporary illuminated manuscript within the tradition of manuscript illumination and holy texts from the Abrahamic faiths, drawing a most comprehensive connection between the past and present. Papyri from Egypt featuring Gospels written in Greek from the 4th century are featured alongside medieval illuminated Bibles. The exhibit also features examples of Torah scrolls and manuscripts as well as Islamic manuscripts of the Qur’ān. Finally, the first pages of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition are on display, featuring the most profound vision of creation I have ever seen.

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