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February 01, 2012

"Vermeer" (video review)

Vermeer: Light, Love, and Silence
Directed by Michael Gill

He is one of the most famous Dutch painters of all time, a master of capturing light and quiet, reflective moments, yet so little is known about Vermeer himself. Almost no documentation of his career or life remains and only 35 paintings survive him. However, through analysis of the artist's techniques this film pieces together what can be inferred about him from his paintings. Vermeer's interest in science is superficially evident in his paintings such as The Astronomer and The Geographer, as well as his friendship with the scientist Anthony van Leyden. This interest in science is clearly deeper when it is seen how Vermeer applied the use of inventions such as the camera obscura to help him create his masterpieces. The film also reveals more about Vermeer through the history of the Netherlands and the contemporary events of his time, proposing how that context along with the work of other artists may have been influential to his work. Discover more about this Dutch master today by checking out Vermeer: Light, Love, and Silence.

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