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April 20, 2012

"The Venetian Dilemma" (video review)

City of Venice
© G. W. Willard
Source: AAEL Digital Image Collection

The Venetian Dilemma
Produced and directed by Carole Rifkind, Richard Rifkind

While tourism rapidly increases every year, Venice's population, like the city itself, has been dramatically sinking. Little shops and businesses have been pushed out for shops and bars that cater to tourists, and the residents of Venice worry that the Venice they’ve known is disappearing. Mayor Roberto D’Agostino has great plans for pushing Venice forward with new industry and the proposal of a subway to the mainland. However, native inhabitants of the city worry this will only increase tourism, and argue that more should be done to provide better housing and services for those who already live there. Presenting both sides, the film explores the tension between the conflicting desires for modernity and the preservation of culture in Venice.

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