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December 18, 2012

Sculptures at University : South Campus

Curious about the sculpture you see around you on campus? Check out President’s Advisory Committee on Public Art: The Collection! A number of these sculptures are also represented in our AAEL Digital Image Collection.

Marshall Fredericks, American Eagle, 1950
Source: President’s Advisory Committee on Public Art: The Collection: South Campus

"At its August 1945 meeting, the Board of Regents received a petition from a group of Detroit alumni to rename Michigan Stadium in honor of former coach Fielding Yost. They submitted supporting letters from graduates including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy and New York Gov. Thomas Dewey. But Yost suggested in a letter that, instead, a war memorial should be erected to honor the university’s men and women who gave their lives for the country. In keeping with his suggestion, the American Eagle memorial, executed by Michigan artist Marshall Fredericks, stands at the southwest corner of the stadium."

Louis Marinaro, Wave Maker, 1988
Source: President’s Advisory Committee on Public Art: The Collection: South Campus

The sculptor describes it as "commemorating the time in our lives as well as the time of season in which we collect the fruits of our labors just as the farmer and the worker reap the benefits of their work. The female figure and the evergreen tree are images in this work intended to glorify the human and natural spirit of this earth. They signify the cycle of life (figure) and its everlasting qualities (evergreen). The reflection of the tree is meant as a metaphor for the fruits of our labors as they are a reflection of what we are and what we make."

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