May 07, 2008

Multimedia Wikis? Timeline Wikis? Why not!

Believe it or not, there are tools that now let you develop timelines, embedded with multimedia, that con be edited and updated in a collaborative way just as the traditional text wiki.

Web 2.0: Multimedia Wiki Timelines & More

Notice the social networking aspects included here? Groups and friends and comments are possible here. You can also have layers of privacy and security - notice the "public" editing of some of the wikis, like Wikipedia.

Web 2.0: xTimeline

An example of the display view for one of the timelines from xTimeline.

Web 2.0: Multimedia Wiki Timelines & More

Dipity is another multimedia wiki timeline tool, with a more engaging display.

Web 2.0: Multimedia Wiki Timelines & More

This one made me wonder if it is possible to create the timelines from an RSS feed. Oh, and Dipity allows you to embed a timeline in other web media, so you could literally have wikis within wikis!

Web 2.0: Multimedia Wiki Timelines & More

I just thought this was a wonderfully creative use of both timeline and wiki technology for sharing more social networking types of information - family schedules and recipes.

Web 2.0: Multimedia Wiki Timelines & More

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Wiki Examples for Discussion

Each of these wikis is intriguing either for illustrating the range of applications for wikis in education, the range of other technologies that can be combined and used in wikis, or some of the economically intriguing professional applications of wikis.

Slideshow is made with SlideFlickr.

Links for most of the wikis shown are at:

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Wikis In Plain English

Commoncraft specializes in videos that explain social and emerging technologies in images that make better than average sense to folks who aren't using them. So, as an example, here is one about wikis.

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