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December 19, 2007

36 Ideas - #1, Variant A: Who's Your Neighbor? (Social Calisthenics)

Advance Preparation


Estimated Time

10-20 minutes

Introduce the Exercise

Once standing, please stay standing. If you don't recognize the name of the technology or the examples, assume you are not using it. Terms will be defined later.

Let's Do It


1. Is anyone here using Second Life? If so, please stand up!

2. Does anyone here share presentations or educational content via Slideshare or Classroom 2.0 or similar sites?

3. Does anyone here contribute content to a social news site, such as NowPublic?

4. Is anyone here in Ning? If so, please stand up!

5. Is anyone here in another social networking site (Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, or other)? If so, please stand up!

6. Is anyone here using microblogging (Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr)? If so, please stand up!

7. Does anyone here share images via a photosharing site (Flickr, Zoomr, SmugPhoto)?

8. Does anyone here share, collect or comment on content via a social media site (YouTube, iTunes, Last.fm, Justin.tv) or by podcasting?

9. Is anyone here using social bookmarking (del.icio.us, Digg, Connotea, 2collab, CiteULike, StumbleUpon, etc.)? If so, please stand up!

10. Has anyone here ever edited or added content to a wiki? If so, please stand up!

11. Does anyone here blog, even occasionally? If so, please stand up!

12. Does anyone here use a social shopping site, such as Amazon? OK, everyone standing now?


1. How many of you use 3 or more of these tools? Please remain standing, everyone else sit down.
2. How many of you use 6 or more of these tools? Remain standing.
3. How many of you use 9 or more of these tools? Remain standing.
[4. If there is still a crowd of folk standing, start listing individual tools until most of them drop out.]
3. When you get down to one or two folk still standing, start Part 3.

1. OK, everyone sitting down, take a good look at the folk standing. How many of you know them or recognize them? Please stand up.
2. Folks still sitting, do you recognize ANYONE who is standing? If so, please stand up.
3. Repeat as necessary until a significant portion of the audience is standing.

Take Home Message(s)

1. Social technologies are ubiquitous.
2. Social technologies connect people (duh!).

Connect the Tech

Most people get involved with social technologies because they already know someone else who is using whatever it is. Which people in this room were using which technologies? Does knowing that certain folk are using certain technologies make them (either the person or the technology) more intriguing to you?

Caveats or Drawbacks to this Exercise


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