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March 12, 2007

University of Michigan - Nichols Arboretum

The weather has been getting better, so let’s get out to the ARB. . For many that do not know, the ARB has a defining feature that embraces the bird life and the seasonal changes. It is quite nature oriented to their diversity of hills, valleys, plants, and natural areas. University of Michigan has various events at the ARB:

the Shakespeare productions
the Heathdale Dance Celebration
Landscape Explorers program for children,
the Imagine/Align project

Overall, the ARB is a place to walk around, you can take a girl around and you can just enjoy the 123-acre of nature. If you like Central Park, you would like the ARB. Check the clip out, it was a couple of days before, when it was snowing.

For more information, check ARB’s site.

Posted by xfuller at March 12, 2007 02:43 AM


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