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March 20, 2007

Rahim AlHaj oud Souhail Kaspar, percussion Friday at Rackram

If you are going to be bored on Friday, consider going to Rahim AlHaj oud Souhail Kaspar, percussion Friday March 23, at 8pm at Rackram Auditorium. Tickets are available for as low as $16.

If you are wondering, "who is this guy," here is some info I got from ums.umich.edu

Born in Iraq, Rahim AlHaj studied under the renowned Munir Bashir, considered by many to be the greatest Iraqi oud player ever. In 1991, after the first Gulf War, he was forced to leave Iraq due to his political activism.
Now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico,he delicately combines traditional Iraqi maqams (scales and chords) with contemporary styling and influences in compositions about the experience of exile from his homeland and of new beginnings in his adopted country.
He recently released a new traditional Iraqi music CD on the Smithsonian Folkways label with Lebanese percussionist Souhail Kaspar, a true virtuoso whose ability to improvise and embellish the rhythmic patterns of Arabic music have led to collaborations with Sting, the Kronos Quartet, and such Arabic superstars as Fairuz and Kadim Al Sahir.

Interested? Here is the link to buy tickets. TixToShow!

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