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April 13, 2007


Del.icio.us, though a very useful site due to its social bookmarking, I hardly use it to find new web pages or look through my network of friends. Many of the sites I find are through word of mouth or even PopUrls. This site keeps me up-to-date with many of the famous blogs out in the internet.

Also, Lifehacker has consistent updates with the world of technology. I find all my cool IT tags in delicious through lifehacker.

What I do like about del.icio.us is that it made me start looking at certain blogs and sites on a daily basis. Now, without even realizing it, I check these blogs and site before I start my day. By doing so, I will be well informed with technology and information as a whole.

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Del.icio.us review

My del.icio.us sites did not have much of a fixed patten but I notice that one sort of naturally occurred. While I go on the internet every day, multiple times a day, I tend to go to the same sites. So the first group of taggings that I did were the sites that I visit at least on a weekly basis. When those were exhausted, I started exploring new sites and tagged those. Finally, once I felt I had exhausted most of my options, I tagged articles that I read and enjoyed so I would be able to reference back to them easily.

My del.icio.us Tags

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April 12, 2007

Our Blog Throughout the Semester

The Transition

Our blog originally started to be a guide of different places to go in Ann Arbor. We were going to do restaraunts, cafes, music venues and more along those lines. We soon realized that we could create a much more interesting blog by blogging about events happening on campus.

Doing this allowed us to incorporate ourselves into the blog more since we talked about events that are important to us. Since Xavier and Haley are both part of the Greek system, there were a couple of blogs about things going on in the Greek community.

Our Final Product

We think this made our blog more multi-dimensional because we not only gave people things they could do every day (like different restaurants or venues), but we also gave one time events that would be of interest to students.

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April 07, 2007

Party One More Time Before The Exam

B Schoolers

On April 11 put away those balance sheets and game theory charts and get out with the B schoolers to 1401 south statefor some good times with great friends.

Then to KARAOKE NIGHT @ Heildelberg

Drink Specials and Great Food Too!
18+ $3 21+ $1 9:30 PM


PIKE Comedy Night is a benefit comedy show featuring comedians Michael Kosta, former assistant coach of the men's tennis team at the University of Michigan, and headliner Steve Hofstetter, a comedian highly acclaimed on the college cicruit.

So get out and enjoy yourself on April 10th.


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April 02, 2007

The Best of Washtenaw County

The Current Returns

Remember how we told you about Current magazine a couple months back? Well, if you didn't take our advice and check it out, now is definitely the time to do so. This month's issue is featuring "The Best of Washtenaw County: Reader's Picks 2007 Results". This Best Of list includes the obvious, like Best New Restaruant and Best Florist, to the more outlandish, like Best Activist Group (no doubt they had a rally to get people to vote for them), and Best Head Shop.

Best of the Best

If you have been looking for a good diner where you can nurse your Saturday morning uhhh...headache, with some greasy food, check out Fleetwood Diner, voted best diner. Or if you are trying to impress that girl in class, show her how worldly you are by taking her to Dalat, voted best Korean restaraunt.

Seriously, this list has everything. And on top of that, it's in Current so you can also see what else is going on this month. So this time, instead of having us tell you what do do, find something to do on your own. We swear, it's not too hard. You won't regret it.

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