April 13, 2007


Del.icio.us, though a very useful site due to its social bookmarking, I hardly use it to find new web pages or look through my network of friends. Many of the sites I find are through word of mouth or even PopUrls. This site keeps me up-to-date with many of the famous blogs out in the internet.

Also, Lifehacker has consistent updates with the world of technology. I find all my cool IT tags in delicious through lifehacker.

What I do like about del.icio.us is that it made me start looking at certain blogs and sites on a daily basis. Now, without even realizing it, I check these blogs and site before I start my day. By doing so, I will be well informed with technology and information as a whole.

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Del.icio.us review

My del.icio.us sites did not have much of a fixed patten but I notice that one sort of naturally occurred. While I go on the internet every day, multiple times a day, I tend to go to the same sites. So the first group of taggings that I did were the sites that I visit at least on a weekly basis. When those were exhausted, I started exploring new sites and tagged those. Finally, once I felt I had exhausted most of my options, I tagged articles that I read and enjoyed so I would be able to reference back to them easily.

My del.icio.us Tags

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April 12, 2007

Our Blog Throughout the Semester

The Transition

Our blog originally started to be a guide of different places to go in Ann Arbor. We were going to do restaraunts, cafes, music venues and more along those lines. We soon realized that we could create a much more interesting blog by blogging about events happening on campus.

Doing this allowed us to incorporate ourselves into the blog more since we talked about events that are important to us. Since Xavier and Haley are both part of the Greek system, there were a couple of blogs about things going on in the Greek community.

Our Final Product

We think this made our blog more multi-dimensional because we not only gave people things they could do every day (like different restaurants or venues), but we also gave one time events that would be of interest to students.

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April 07, 2007

Party One More Time Before The Exam

B Schoolers

On April 11 put away those balance sheets and game theory charts and get out with the B schoolers to 1401 south statefor some good times with great friends.

Then to KARAOKE NIGHT @ Heildelberg

Drink Specials and Great Food Too!
18+ $3 21+ $1 9:30 PM


PIKE Comedy Night is a benefit comedy show featuring comedians Michael Kosta, former assistant coach of the men's tennis team at the University of Michigan, and headliner Steve Hofstetter, a comedian highly acclaimed on the college cicruit.

So get out and enjoy yourself on April 10th.


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April 02, 2007

The Best of Washtenaw County

The Current Returns

Remember how we told you about Current magazine a couple months back? Well, if you didn't take our advice and check it out, now is definitely the time to do so. This month's issue is featuring "The Best of Washtenaw County: Reader's Picks 2007 Results". This Best Of list includes the obvious, like Best New Restaruant and Best Florist, to the more outlandish, like Best Activist Group (no doubt they had a rally to get people to vote for them), and Best Head Shop.

Best of the Best

If you have been looking for a good diner where you can nurse your Saturday morning uhhh...headache, with some greasy food, check out Fleetwood Diner, voted best diner. Or if you are trying to impress that girl in class, show her how worldly you are by taking her to Dalat, voted best Korean restaraunt.

Seriously, this list has everything. And on top of that, it's in Current so you can also see what else is going on this month. So this time, instead of having us tell you what do do, find something to do on your own. We swear, it's not too hard. You won't regret it.

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March 30, 2007

Michigan Economic Forum

An exciting event is happening this upcoming week, THE MICHIGAN ECONOMIC FORUM. It will center on How will Michigan regain its competitive advantage.

How Will Michigan Regain Its Competitive Advantage?" will feature several guest speakers, including: Peter Hooper, chief U.S. economist, Deutsche Bank Securities; Charles Evans, director of research and senior vice president, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; John McElroy, WWJ News Radio auto analyst and host of Autoline Detroit; John Austin, vice president of the Michigan State Board of Education and a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution; and Joel Vander Kooi, assistant treasurer of risk management, Kellogg Co.

"In order for Michigan to regain its competitive advantage, innovative thinkers and prominent leaders must come together to present solutions," said Dan Brachfeld, president of Michigan Interactive Investments and a student at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. "The Michigan Economic Forum aims to be a platform for developing new ideas and will serve as a link to the University with respect to Michigan's current economic situation."

So let's go and enjoy the event, it will be located at Biomedical Science Research Building Auditorium from 1 - 5 pm.

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March 28, 2007

Dance Mix 2007

Tonight is the Dance Mix and it will be awesome. It is an organization that brings together different dance groups on campus for a celebration of dance as an art form.

Dancing takes its role and action to invigorate high energy, emotional resonance, and self-expression of oneself. It is the only time one can digress from the strenuous school work and enter into a world of freedom and ingenuity. Due to its lack of restrictions, dancing to music is an involuntary process that photocopies emotions right into every ticking movement throughout your body.

This is why Dance Mix will be awesome, everyone will be a part with the dance and feel the rhythm through their body.

The Michigan daily writes a lot more on Dance Mix, click here

Come witness performances by:


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March 25, 2007

Relay For Life

Relay at the UMich

As we all know, philanthropy is HUGE on our campus. One event that gets a ton of people involved every year is Relay for Life is an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society that raises money for cancer research and awareness. Last year, the University of Michigan was the #2 college relay in the nation, with over 2,300 participants.

The actual relay starts on April 15th at 10 AM and goes through the night until 10 AM the next day. For those of you who haven't heard if it before, people create teams and at least one person from each team must be on the track walking at all times during the 24 hours. Each team raises a certain amount of money in order to enter, which is then donated to the American Cancer Society.

Skate For a Good Cause

Tomorrow, the 26th, Relay for Life is hosting a skate night at Yost Arena from 8-12. Admission is $3 (and an extra $2 if you need to rent skates). All proceeds go to the account of any team you choose.

Support a great cause and having fun skating with your friends.

Relay for Life Website

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March 24, 2007

Dance Marathon

The University of Michigan Dance Marathon (UMDM) is known for its upbeat and year long process to conduct one event. One event that strives to raise money and programs to help kids with severe illness. The money is allocated to. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. This only helps the community. WAY TO GO UMDM.

Stand for 30 hours, have a good time, meet a girl or two. Hey, it is fun , and for a cause. UMDM at its finest.

If you want to have a LIVE FEED, check out their WEBCAM

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March 21, 2007

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Where: Michigan Theater
Date: March 20 -25
Time:the times

The Michigan Theater is a beautiful renovated historic theatre close to campus. It close, inexpensive, and has young filmmakers around the world, some from Michigan. It is a great way to see the new generation think in innovative ways to express a thought.

So join the community and check out Ann Arbor film festival

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March 20, 2007

Rahim AlHaj oud Souhail Kaspar, percussion Friday at Rackram

If you are going to be bored on Friday, consider going to Rahim AlHaj oud Souhail Kaspar, percussion Friday March 23, at 8pm at Rackram Auditorium. Tickets are available for as low as $16.

If you are wondering, "who is this guy," here is some info I got from ums.umich.edu

Born in Iraq, Rahim AlHaj studied under the renowned Munir Bashir, considered by many to be the greatest Iraqi oud player ever. In 1991, after the first Gulf War, he was forced to leave Iraq due to his political activism.
Now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico,he delicately combines traditional Iraqi maqams (scales and chords) with contemporary styling and influences in compositions about the experience of exile from his homeland and of new beginnings in his adopted country.
He recently released a new traditional Iraqi music CD on the Smithsonian Folkways label with Lebanese percussionist Souhail Kaspar, a true virtuoso whose ability to improvise and embellish the rhythmic patterns of Arabic music have led to collaborations with Sting, the Kronos Quartet, and such Arabic superstars as Fairuz and Kadim Al Sahir.

Interested? Here is the link to buy tickets. TixToShow!

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Donate Blood!

Michigan Greek Week is sponsoring a blood drive today. There are many reasons why one should donate their blood; one should only on the simple fact to help save the lives of potentially millions of people. We have 10 -12 pints of blood, and when we donate blood they only take a pint. You may feel dizzy and drowsy, but, in the end, it is for a good cause.

Simple facts:
• One out of every 10 people entering a hospital needs blood.
• Just one pint of donated blood can help save as many as three people’s lives.
• About three gallons of blood supports the entire nation's blood needs for one minute.
For more information Check 56 facts about Blood Donations. Remember, why give blood?


12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Michigan Union

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March 17, 2007

Take Advantage of This Good Weather

Now that it is finally starting to get warm outside (well...sort of), you see more places around Ann Arbor opening their outdoor areas. One of the best parts of the transition from Winter to Spring is seeing everyone outside enjoying the sun that has been away for so long.

A great place to do this is at Rendez-Vous Cafe, located in the center of South University. Upstairs where their hookah bar is located they have a great outdoor patio full of tables with umbrellas for when that sun finally does come out. This patio is the perfect place to go hang out with friends and get a hookah or even just some food. The atmopshere is so relaxed, which makes is a nice escape from the stress of studiying for finals. And lets be honest, relaxing is always much more fun when you can look down on the street and see all the stressed out people rushing to the library with their backpacks stuffed to capacity.

So do yourself a favor...take a break from studying and relax. Go to Rendez-Vous with some friends, buy a hookah and grab a table outside. Enjoy the weather. There is more to school than just class.

Check them out online and see for yourself.

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March 16, 2007

St. Patty's Weekend

Today is the Official Start of Greek week here in Michigan. Pretty Fun , eh? Greek week

raises monetary support for national and local charitable organizations through cultivating leadership, service, and community within the University of Michigan campus and the greater Ann Arbor area. Greek Week Inc. also aims to promote diversity and understanding through partnership with campus and community organizations.

There are many events the Greek Community does during this time to entertain themselves. Since a majority of people on campus are Greek, it is a big deal.

Also, it is St. Patty’s Weekend, and all I have to say is to drink safely. There are many parties happening. If you are looking for something to do Saturday, check out PIKE and FIJI. Awesome places to have fun with familiar faces. Well enjoy the weekend, and be safe.

If you want to know more on Greek Life and Greek Week, check out their site.

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March 14, 2007

Dinner With NOIR

A group on campus NOIR is in efforts to raise money for Horizon’s Project. This project is the only HIV/AIDS adolescent center located in Michigan and dedicates itself to providing HIV prevention for at-risk youth.

So Today from 4-9pm, NOIR will help the cause by raising money with Noodles & Company. 10% of all profits will be donated to Horizon’s Project.

Let’s get some Real Food with NOIR.

Check out their menu, it is AMAZING.

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March 12, 2007

University of Michigan - Nichols Arboretum

The weather has been getting better, so let’s get out to the ARB. . For many that do not know, the ARB has a defining feature that embraces the bird life and the seasonal changes. It is quite nature oriented to their diversity of hills, valleys, plants, and natural areas. University of Michigan has various events at the ARB:

the Shakespeare productions
the Heathdale Dance Celebration
Landscape Explorers program for children,
the Imagine/Align project

Overall, the ARB is a place to walk around, you can take a girl around and you can just enjoy the 123-acre of nature. If you like Central Park, you would like the ARB. Check the clip out, it was a couple of days before, when it was snowing.

For more information, check ARB’s site.

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March 10, 2007

Master The Art

Master the art is one of the biggest, baddest, and unbelievable dance shows held at Michigan. For the last four years, Element 1 on campus has been holding this competition that now attracts people within the tri-state area. Admissions' is only five dollars and is one of the most amazing things you will ever see. It is located in the MICHIGAN UNION: BALLROOM Check it out!

Tonight @ 7pm

Want to know more info, check out Mastertheart

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NCRB-a good alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to the CCRB or IM Building for basketball of other activities, the NCRB is perfect.

Unlike the CCRB and IM Building, at the NCRB the people who you will be playing against in basketball are actually students and don't force you to wonder how they got in the building.

Additionally, there are many more grad students and other people who play there creating a better and more serious atmosphere for basketball. You will not be elbowed in the face because of clumsy players and this is a plus. There is good "run" on any given night, and frequent games throghout the day.

They have parking so you can drive your car up and park it there. The NCRB is located on North Campus btw the Engineering campus and Bursley Dorms, the address is 2375 Hubbard Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2375.

Check out their wesite at NCRB!

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March 09, 2007

Grizzly Peak [Main Street]

With 9 homemade brews on tap, Grizzly Peak offers lots of good brews. The 9-beer sampler is a cheap and fun way to try the field, but if you're looking for something more substantial than a 5 oz. glass, I suggest their house red. The rotating flavored stout might seem alluring, but be forewarned...it can be more like punishment than anything else: cherry stout sounds great, at least. The food is OK and the service is very friendly and knowledgable. #2 in Ann Arbor behind the A.B.C.

Grizzly Peak, old, brick/wood building on a main street maintains the downtown historical feeling to the area. The establishment has a cozy interior with a great selection of food with one of the best brews in town. It’s a great place for college kids like us to escape the typical “Score Keeper’s? and “Touch Down’s,? into a better atmosphere of sophistication.

Grizzly Peak offer lots of brews, and If you’d like some sampling, the bartender are more than happy for you to try the flavors. It does not stop there the food is amazing. There menu ranges from a typical sandwich to one of the best steaks within the Main Street area.

Key to Grizzly Peak is it is Bueno, Bonito, y Barato. Translates into Good, Beautiful, and CHEAP.

So get outside while the weather is still nice and enjoy the delicious brew and food they have to offer!!

Some Links:

Peer Reviews

Grizzly Peak’s Site

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March 06, 2007

Main Street - Sweetwaterscafe

As we are regressing back from our spring break, we should take same time to catch up with some friends. There are many places in Ann Arbor that we can have time to eat and reminisce the fun time we had in Mexico, the Caribbean, or even Europe. So at least let’s do it with some style.

Main Street has a directory and you can check out either the cafes or the restaurants in the directory provided here: directory.

A café I would recommend to visit during the evening would be Sweetwaterscafe. Main Street Association area says

a classic & cozy coffeehouse offering coffee drinks, teas, pastries, desserts, fresh sandwiches & salads.

If you want to know about Sweetwaterscafe, check out their website.

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February 23, 2007


Ok, now we know that this blog is meant to tell you what you can do around campus, but let's be honest... 3 posts a week just isn't enough to keep you fully informed. Because of this, we are going to reveal one of our sources to you.

Current is a monthly publication that calls itself "Washtenaw County's Entertainment Source". In it, you can find articles on things happening around Ann Arbor, artists of the moment, movie reviews, and much more. The part we find most useful is the daily schedule. It tells about concerts, comedy shows, performances, art showings and much more that happen every day.

So go pick one up, check it out, and get out of the dorms/your house. There really is A LOT more to do in Ann Arbor than you would ever think.

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February 18, 2007

Vagina Monologues

When women gather around in huge groups, you know something is going to happen. A big movement that has been happening in Ann arbor was initially commenced by Eve Ensler.

She wrote The Vagina Monologues,which was staged on Broadway and is now serves as a catalyst to make the public aware of the violence against women.

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February 17, 2007

The Blind Pig

Go to a Show!

The Blind Pig has been hailed as one of the best music venues in the country. The intimate bar setting helps create a concert experience unlike any other. Where else can you be so close to the artist that he can unplug his acoustic guitar, turn off the mike and finish the concert completely unplugged? Here the singers interact with the audience during the show and stand at the door talking with each fan as they leave the show.

The Blind Pig has hosted many bands in their early days, including Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. In fact, in a televised MTV interview, the members of Nirvana cited the Blind Pig as their favorite venue in the country.

I recently went to the Blind Pig to see a band that I knew from home, and like always, I was very impressed. Brett Dennen, a folk based singer, is somewhat different than the usual rock bands that headline there, played until 12:30 and then stayed around until 2 just talking to fans. At one point, he brought a woman on stage to dance with him while the bass player provided a mambo beat. It wasn't your typical music show.

"Showing an even mix of local talent and the occasional larger act, the Pig is still the hippest place in town and stands as a testament to the area's rich cultural heritage." A show at the Blind Pig is definitely something that everyone in Ann Arbor should experience at least once.

Click here to check out the Blind Pig's website.

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February 16, 2007

graffiti Artwork

Scary at first, the small, dark alley way near Maynard and East Liberty. This area is an a place where people convey their emotions in an artistic manner. It is a role and action to invigorate high energy, emotional resonance, and self-expression of oneself. It is the only time a person can digress from the strenuous school work and enter into a world of freedom and ingenuity. Due to its lack of restrictions, this form of art, graffiti, is an involuntary process that photocopies emotions right into every movement throughout their body into a work of art. Essentially, it is an emotional conveyance .

So check it out.

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February 15, 2007

The Museum of Natural History

It is accross from C.C Little on the right, when you are going towards the CCRB.

New in the Museum of Natural History is Climate Change: Local
Impacts, Global Responsibility which is in the Rotunda Lobby.

The work of these researchers and others strongly suggests that Earth’s climate is warming, and that human activity is contributing to the change.

The exhibit includes information about what the University of Michigan is doing to reduce its carbon emissions, and an interactive computer kiosk enabling visitors to explore changes they might make in their personal lives to help reduce their “carbon footprints.? Available through May.

There is also an exhibit called "explore evolution on the fourth floor.

On the third floor, you can find plantlife and animal species native to Michigan which includes a huge Wolverine.

Most importantly, this museum is all about dinosaurs. They are on the second floor.

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February 10, 2007

Espresso Royale

A Solid Cup of Coffee

If you are in need of a place to study in between class or somewhere you can just grab a quick cup of coffee, Espresso Royale is the perfect place. Their basement is a great meeting place or study space, while the upstairs you can meet with friends or just get a drink on way to class.

With two convenient locations on opposite edges of central campus, one on South U and the other on S State, caffeinating in between classes is easy. The typical "coffee shop" atmosphere makes studying somewhat more bearable and meetings more relaxed.

Click here for more info at Espresso Royale's website.

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February 09, 2007

Coffee Machine

Want something Fast?

Being Colombian, I enjoy a drinking good coffee, but we are on a college campus and we have to work with what we get. The quality of the coffee at places like Expresso Royale and Starbucks is not that good, so why not just get coffee out of the machine.

If you are in the Business School building and the Ross School Café is closed, your best bet is using the machine next to the Computer Courtyard Lab downstairs.

It’s cheap, accepts entrée plus, has 15 flavors, has coffee for as low as 60 cents, and it gets the job done.

It is conveniently located between the refrigerator and the snack machine.

Other Machines Location includes:

Angell Hall, Dana Building, Pierpont, Duderstat Center.

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February 08, 2007

Cafe Ambrosia!


Looking for a place outside of the house, and would like to stay warm, but do not want to spend too much money? Ambrosia Café is a independent alternative to the usual Starbucks of $4 a drink.

As I am sitting on the loveseat in the back corner, the speaker is right above my head with the better capture of the relaxing and soothing sound of music to the ear. Ambrosia, the fiercely dependent, eccentric, and homey café in Ann Arbor, is hidden,  within the campus of Ann Arbor.

The normal servers, Jimmy and Mike, deal with a diverse crowd of clientele, from graduate students to trendy artistic people serving their favorite drinks of yerba mate to chai bomb. Of course they have the usual Tea, milk, and espresso, but their variety in drinks also attracts their customers. As Ann Arbor News said, “Cafe Ambrosia, a small, independently owned coffee shop near the University of Michigan's campus across from the Maynard Street entrance to Nickels Arcade, opened three years ago and has since built a loyal following.?

So check it out and visit Café Ambrosia located on 326 Maynard Street.



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February 07, 2007

Welcome, Ann Arbor!

Like many students in Ann Arbor, we are sometimes bored of the typical day-- Wake up in the morning, head to Espresso Royale and/or Starbucks only to wake up to the smell of the coffee aroma, and then head to class only to finish your day studying.

Kenneth Acuna, Haley Mullins, and Xavier Fuller from Section 02 teamed up to venture out of the typical college campus and discuss to you about things to do and see outside of the typical.

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