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March 30, 2010

Local 2 (FOX) 3/28/10, 10:00pm

Local media and news coverage seems to be losing its popularity for today’s youth. Similar to the fate of local newspapers, national media outlets are expanding their coverage, ultimately pushing out local television. This Sunday I got reacquainted with local news by watching channel 2, Fox Detroit. While my interest was solely focused on their sports coverage, it was impossible to overlook the overall presentation. While I often think companies like ESPN go overboard on their use of technology, it was clear that local programming presentation lagged behind. Local 2 at 11pm opened with anchor Dan Miller reporting on the Michigan State basketball game. MSU had just earned a trip to the final four, a tremendous accomplishment with national implications. This initial coverage included highlights from the game and interviews from various players. Miller also introduced Jennifer Hammond, a reporter who covered the game in St. Louis. Hammond provided some analysis and expanded on some of the player’s interviews. Overall the presentation was fairly basic with highlights and interviews strung together. What was interesting is that the program failed to cover any other sporting event. The entire sports section focused solely on MSU basketball and only alluded to other stories as a promotion for their hour-long sports show that immediately follows the news.

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