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March 30, 2010

Local 4 (NBC) 3/28/10, 11:00pm

When watching Local 4’s news coverage and programming it was tough to avoid the feeling of déjà vu. Fresh off of watching Local 2’s coverage, I couldn’t help but think I was actually watching the same program. The show opened up similarly with coverage regarding Michigan State’s basketball win that afternoon. Host Steve Garagiola introduced Frank Holland to report live from East Lansing. Holland went on to give insight as to how fans and players reacted when they returned back to campus from St. Louis. This segment included video clips from the pep rally and interviews from the players. Interestingly enough, there were no highlights from the actual game that took place that afternoon. The focus and priority had shifted to the reaction of fans and players after the win instead of highlights from the afternoon. After Holland’s report Garagiola did, in fact, show highlights from the actual game using CBS footage. He then showed the upcoming schedule for the team and previewed their game on Saturday against Butler. While the overall coverage was fairly short and limited to MSU basketball, it is worth mentioning that an hour-long “Final-Edition” program immediately followed the news coverage. I did see the weather on three different occasions throughout the program so while I know it will be 79 this weekend, I am not sure what sporting events I should attend.

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