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March 30, 2010

Local 7 (ABC) 3/29/10, 5:00pm

When watching Local 7’s news coverage I noticed a lot of similarities with the other two programs. During the sports section with Katrina Hancock, she started out with the same CBS provided game footage. After reviewing the highlights, Katrina led into interviews with players and coaches. What was unique was the fact that Katrina was the interviewer. With the other two stations, a separate news reporter was used to cover the game. By having Katrina at the game doing interviews, she was able to gain credibility with her viewers. I was more likely to listen to her comments and take her seriously. It is also worth mentioning that Katrina was the only woman covering sports for the local stations. While this could be a deterrent for some, because of her coverage, she was actually the best reporter I had seen on local news. After the typical MSU highlights and interviews Katrina did go on to report other sports stories. These included both Manny Harris’ decision to leave college and turn pro as well as UofM’s hockey game against Miami OH. In general it was a relief to see that other sports stories do exist beside MSU basketball, but if I had to only watch MSU highlights for the rest of my life, I would watch them on channel 7.

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