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March 18, 2010

Tiger Plays it Safe

If one thing was made clear in 2010, it was that Tiger Woods is not only the most powerful athlete of all time, but one of the biggest celebrities as well. No other athlete would be able to get away with what he has done in the past year. Lets first look at the scandal itself. From the accident was called into the police, media coverage has yet to stop. From a small traffic violation, to mistresses and affairs the media brought out all of their ammunition. To put things in perspective, Tiger showed up on the front page of the New York times more than anything relating to 9/11. What is also interesting was that fact that he was able to quite honestly disappears from the face of the earth. Tiger took time off after the accident and actually out maneuvered media coverage. I don't know how many celebrities can pull that one off. Then at the end of it all, Tiger finally decides to break his silence and give a press conference. However this wouldn't be with traditional media, no instead it would be more of a speech in front of family and associates. The good news is this entire circus ride is about to come to a close. However the lights of the camera and sound of reporters will only pick up. This years masters will be overran with media and all eyes will be on the worlds number 1. Everyone talks about Tigers intimidation factor, well the media only adds another distraction.... for the rest of the field. Expect Tiger to win this first major and give his classic white smile on the 18th green. He'll avoid questions about his past and will focus only on golf. Tiger needs Steve to caddy, but when it comes to the media, Tiger calls all of the shots.

Posted by abaumann at March 18, 2010 10:37 AM


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