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April 21, 2010

Big Ten Network

The last blog will be the following. I need you to answer the following questions and then blog about your experiences watching the BTN and BTN.com

1---Do you go to the Big Ten Network website?
• Yes
2---Do you view any videos on BTN website?
• Yes, I watched the BIG TEN NFL draft analysis. It was the first video on the home screen.
3---Do you like the BTN website?
• Yes, It was easy to navigate and very user friendly. I liked the layout a lot.
4---Do you watch any events on the BTN internet video stream?
• No, because it made me sign up.
5---Have you watched The Journey?
• No
6---Have you watched other feature shows?
• No
7---Besides games, what do you watch on the BTN? Please tell us everything you watch outside of games/events
• Nothing
8---If the BTN would be on a sports tier, would you pay for it?
• Yes
9---(If you have cable) Did you know that BTN had material OnDemand?
• No
10-If you knew BTN had material OnDemand, did you watch any BTN material OnDemand?
• No

Then I need you to write 400 words about what you like, dislike about the network and if you were CEO--what changes would you make?

The Big Ten network has quickly turned into a major player in the media industry. However this wasn’t always the case, at least in my mind. In the beginning, when the network was first on the air, their presentation and marketing of their product seemed to be lagging. I would always prefer for my game to be broadcasted by the likes of ESPN or ABC. However within the past year, the Big Ten network has really come to life. With coverage of more big time football and basketball games, as well as an in depth website, the big ten network is well on its way. The only changes that I could possibly suggest would be the coverage of more meaningful games. I believe the network has done well this in term of basketball, however the same cannot be said with football. The primetime Michigan games are still broadcasted by ABC and as long as that’s the case, the network will always remain number two. I would also caution the investment within the website. While the people are spending more hours on their computers, nothing beats a game on a big television. The majority of fans I know, would rather have company and watch the games with friends. In my mind, the market towards the computer crowd is not nearly as big, and never will be as big, as the television market. Now if this is simply an untapped market that will yield positive results, the decision is clear. However from a long-term perspective, I would still invest the majority of my resources trying to gain more of the television consumers. Finally, I commend the network with its in depth coverage of all big ten sports. While sports outside of football and basketball might not produce the same amount of revenue, more coverage shows they are true to their goal. To provide all big ten sports action to fans and families. This is a great part of the network and something national media networks aren’t capable of. While the Big Ten Network might not be the most prominent sports media network, they are clearly on the path to success.

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