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April 06, 2010

CBS Coverage of the Final Four

In a tournament where luck can beat skill, the NCAA has been winning the lottery. For the past two seasons Myles Brand, the president of the NCAA, has got be feeling pretty good about the results. Last year Michigan State played a virtual home game in Detroit, brining in more fans to Ford Field than the Lions saw all season. Butler was quick to follow suit by punching their ticket to Lucas Oil stadium, just a few short miles from their campus. Seven years ago, the NCAA made an aggressive decision by having the final four held in a football stadium for the first time ever. Everyone knew the NCAA Basketball Tournament was a big event, but no one could have predicted how successful the past two years have been. In fact last year’s final four in Detroit easily shattered the previous attendance record with 72,456 onlookers. This year seemed to be right on pace. Butler has an enormous following, with the MSU contingency not far behind. The atmosphere at the game was electric and CBS did an incredible job brining that energy to America’s family rooms. The coverage of this year’s final four from a video perspective was revolutionary. Over-the-court cameras provided unique perspectives and an new perspective of the game. What may be even more impressive was CBS’s ability to stay within themselves. To often do broadcasts over use a new camera angle. The first time we may be impressed, but then it quickly becomes annoying and aggravating. Nothing will replace the traditional panoramic view of the court, but by integrating above court cameras sparingly, the overall experience was tremendously improved. Another feature CBS used was microphones on the hoop. There’s not a fan in the world that doesn’t love the “swish” the net makes when their favorite player hits a big shot. The rim microphones allowed fans to feel like they were in the front row for every shot taken. CBS also capitalized on the atmosphere of the crowd. By integrating clips of fans reactions, one couldn’t help but be on the edge of their couch at home. CBS has been the face of March Madness and with their current broadcasting quality, one only hopes they remain that face.

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