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April 06, 2010

General Mills may have Wheaties, but the Final Four belongs to Kellogg.

While the first semi-final of the NCAA Final Four was not as exciting as games played two weeks earlier, Clark Kellogg proved his ability as a color commentator. With Nantz failing to capture the magic of the moment, Kellogg was quick to provide insight and background to offset poor plays on the court. Nantz had to work with what he saw, but Kellogg was able to bring in side stories and commentary that enhanced the viewers’ experience. The best comments of the night came between plays and before free throws. Kellogg reminded us all that a national championship was at stake and these two teams deserved to be contenders. It’s easy to have a short memory in this tournament. With five days in-between rounds, Kellogg talked about players as if he had coached them himself. He was quick to jump in and demonstrated tremendous chemistry with his partner. While the game was choppy and sluggish, Kellogg found a way to smooth over times in-between plays. Being a former player, he had instant credibility. While Nantz described the play, Kellogg analyzed it. As a viewer, this dynamic helped keep me engaged, but better yet, Kellogg actually got viewers excited to see who would win. For any sporting event, announcers can make or break a fan’s experience. Fans at home want to feel as if they are in attendance and Kellogg did just this.

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