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April 12, 2010


1-Navigation (4) Easy to navigate once you know where to go.
2-Design (4) really clustered home page, but individual pages are great. Video link to game story is innovative. Live twitter update are incredible.
3-Quality of a game story; (5) Wolverines Dominate Buckeyes or Historic Home Victory. W. Tennin. Great description and detail
4-Quality of video; (5) Baseball UofM vs Purdue. I like the link to story from the video highlights.
5-Quality of blogs; (0) I spent 20 minutes and cant find one. Searched “blog” found Roni Hicks self-written biography.
6-Quality of a feature story; (3) LaMarre’s Stellar Return Yield Big Ten player of the week. It was a good description, maybe could have included highlights or pictures?
7-Quality of pod cast; (5) U-M Head coach Carol Hutchins talks Wolverine softball in this weekly pod cast. It was quick download, good audio quality. Like how its auto-linked with Itunes.
8-Rate the audio/vido player; (5) It was good quality, and I liked the link to the game story
9-Rate the M Zone: (4) There was really good content and information, but I didn’t like the lay out. It was a little Confusing and the tabs on the right are very similar to the ads on home page.

In a world of endless media outlets and continual coverage of collegiate athletics, it’s often easy to overlook individual university websites. However MGOBLUE.com is not a website to be overlooked. While it lacks the pizzazz a national site like ESPN may have, it makes up for it in detail and coverage. In my mind athletic websites should be graded on 2 things, Design and content. MGOBLUE has great design features throughout the depths of the site. While the home page may seem a little clustered with advertise, where it really impresses is in it’s individual sport pages. Users can easily look up their sport of interest, and within seconds have game stories, video highlights, and audio pod casts. These are just some of the features at MGOBLUE and is applicable to every varsity sport. The thoroughness of the site is quite impressive. Michigan has one of the biggest alumni bases with 460,000 people, not to mention all of the national presence that all follow Michigan sports. If you are a true die hard wolverine, you wont be able to find this detail and coverage on any other site. MGOBLUE is also keeping up with 21st century technology. Perhaps the best feature that may go un-noticed is the video highlights that link to the game story. This is a great feature that separates MGOBLUE from ESPN in terms of functionality. Many fans only who have watched the game already, only wish to watch the highlights to reminisce a victory. However for those who wish to read the game story, you still have that option within once click of the mouse. To many times on ESPN am I fighting to read the story and watch the highlights at the same time. The video starts playing automatically after a 10 second commercial and by that time I’m half way done with the story. Finally the highlights start playing and I reach a crossroads of confusion and frustration. MGOBLUE eliminates this by separating the two and ultimately separating themselves from the competition.

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