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October 23, 2007

Barn Dance

Last Thursday I attended Pi Kappa Alpha's date party. Unlike the other date parties I have attended, this one had a theme. The theme was cowgirl/cowboy and the location was at a local barn, Sugarbush Farm instead of a bar.

The barn, which was in Ypsilanti, wasn't decorated especially for the party, in fact it was pretty empty and basically just had a dance floor. Inside the barn were a few tables and a bar, and there was a DJ playing country music. Outisde were bonfires where people could gather around the fire. Besides dancing or sitting by the fire, there was also an option to go on a hayride.

So far, I like this date party the most because it was something different. First of all, it was fun to get dressed up in costume. The girls wore plaid shirts and Daisy Duke style shorts with cowboy boots or overalls, and cowboy hats. The guys wore plaid shirts and cowboy hats as well, but wore jeans instead of short jean shorts. People also accesorized with fake guns and cowboy neckties, called bola ties.

The DJ in the barn played country music, which was a fun change of pace. The fires outside were also really nice because it felt as if I was camping, but it also gave me a chance to socialize with other people besides my date. When you are at a bar you don't always have the chance to socialize, because that type of date party is more geared towards couples. The hayride also allowed me to hang out with my date along with other people, besides being so much fun. The people whose barn it was took us around the farmland and I got to enjoy the fall. The only con was that it was a little chilly outside.

While I loved this date party, I think one of the reasons it was fun was because I had never been to a barn dance before. I would definately recommend going to a barn dance if you have never been to one before, but it might get old if you have been many times.

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