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October 28, 2007

Club Bleu

This past Thursday night, I attended another date party at another club in Detroit. The club is called Bleu Room or Club Bleu, and is located on Woodward Avenue, right in the heart of Detroit. Club Bleu is across the street from Club Apartment, which I was at only a couple weeks ago.

This date part at Club Bleu was similar to the date party at Club Apartment. The guys mostly wore jeans and bar shirts (collared), while the girls wore anything from jeans and fancy tops to dresses and skirts. Because the weather was slightly colder this time, some girls also wore high boots with their outfits. No one really brought coats because you there was no guarantee of a coat check, and the last thing you want to do is have to carry your coat around all night or keep track of it.

While I had a great time at Club Bleu because I was in good company, the bar itself wasn't anything special. Club Bleu was only one floor and consisted of mostly a dance floor and a few places to sit. There were also two bars but they were mostly small and it was slightly difficult to get a drink. Kappa Kappa Gamma, my sorority, rented out the entire bar, but it didn't seem like it because of the wait to get drinks. It was also frustrating because there was practically no where to sit. The dance floor was lined with a few tables on a raised surface, but there weren't nearly enough for the amount of people at the party. While places to sit may seem trivial, it actually makes quite a differene. We were there from about 10:30pm to 1am, and it was impossible for people to stay dancing the entire time, hence the need for tables.

One thing I did like about this bar was the size of the bar. At one of my last date parties at Club Apartment, it was so big the dance floor never really filled up. At this club, since there was only one floor, everyone was gathered together on or around the dance floor.

Overall, this date party seemed pretty generic. The generic date party can be fun, just don't expect something new or exciting and make sure you are with your friends or a date you actually like! Also, since it was the weekend before Halloween, I would have preferred something with a costume theme to spice things up a little bit.

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October 23, 2007

Barn Dance

Last Thursday I attended Pi Kappa Alpha's date party. Unlike the other date parties I have attended, this one had a theme. The theme was cowgirl/cowboy and the location was at a local barn, Sugarbush Farm instead of a bar.

The barn, which was in Ypsilanti, wasn't decorated especially for the party, in fact it was pretty empty and basically just had a dance floor. Inside the barn were a few tables and a bar, and there was a DJ playing country music. Outisde were bonfires where people could gather around the fire. Besides dancing or sitting by the fire, there was also an option to go on a hayride.

So far, I like this date party the most because it was something different. First of all, it was fun to get dressed up in costume. The girls wore plaid shirts and Daisy Duke style shorts with cowboy boots or overalls, and cowboy hats. The guys wore plaid shirts and cowboy hats as well, but wore jeans instead of short jean shorts. People also accesorized with fake guns and cowboy neckties, called bola ties.

The DJ in the barn played country music, which was a fun change of pace. The fires outside were also really nice because it felt as if I was camping, but it also gave me a chance to socialize with other people besides my date. When you are at a bar you don't always have the chance to socialize, because that type of date party is more geared towards couples. The hayride also allowed me to hang out with my date along with other people, besides being so much fun. The people whose barn it was took us around the farmland and I got to enjoy the fall. The only con was that it was a little chilly outside.

While I loved this date party, I think one of the reasons it was fun was because I had never been to a barn dance before. I would definately recommend going to a barn dance if you have never been to one before, but it might get old if you have been many times.

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October 21, 2007

Club Apartment

The first date party I attended this year took place at Club Apartment, which is pretty new nightclub in Detroit.

We took buses from Kappa Kappa Gamma, and the ride was about 45 min (the typical amount of time it takes to get to Detroit).

The guys were dressed in either dress pants or nice jeans, and bar shirts (collared shirts, many times Lacoste, Polo, etc.). There were a few guys who wore ties but definitely no suits. The girls had more of a variety in their outfits for the night. Many girls were in short dresses, while others wore pants and a "going out top." I would say that generally Club Apartment was dressier than the bars we are used to in Ann Arbor, but at the same time, you could get away with almost anything you would usually wear out at night.

My sorority had rented out the entire nightclub so that there weren't any random people. Date parties at clubs are much safer when the sorority or fraternity rents out the entire place, that way it is just University of Michigan students. When the party is contained to just people the fraternity or sorority members know and invited, it is less likely for drink to get spiked and so on.

Club Apartment turned out to be a great location for a date party. The club had a sophisticated vibe to it. This sophistication was a nice change of scene from the college bars that we are used to in Ann Arbor. The club was two stories; the upstairs had a bar and couches to lounge on, while the downstairs had another bar and a pretty large dance floor. However, the dance floor was so large that it never really filled up and people were hesistant to dance at first. While the dancing never quite took off to the degree of other date parties, the club was roomy and fun, and the bartenders were very friendly, so I would definately recommend attending a date party in this location.

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October 20, 2007

Date Parties

This year at the University of Michigan, there was an increase in the amount of students who joined Greek Life. This increase was so significant, the Michigan Daily wrote an article about it, "More join fraternities, sororities."

With this increase, my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, along with all the others, have huge pledge classes. Suprisingly, the questions I get asked most frequently by the 54 pledges in my house, pertain to date parties.

I decided to write this blog to keep new members in sororities informed on date parties by reviewing the ones I have gone to (and a few I haven't). Since date parties can vary drastically in location and theme, I hope my date party reviews will be helpful for new members deciding if they should go and what to wear.

While it is impossible for me to attend every date party, I also plan on finding out about the parties I miss. Living with 64 other girls, I am confident I can find out the neccessary details and information in order to report on date parties I don't attend.

Next time you are wondering what a bar in Detroit is like for a date party, or what to wear to a barn dance, look here for answers!

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October 01, 2007


Hello, World!

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