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October 21, 2007

Club Apartment

The first date party I attended this year took place at Club Apartment, which is pretty new nightclub in Detroit.

We took buses from Kappa Kappa Gamma, and the ride was about 45 min (the typical amount of time it takes to get to Detroit).

The guys were dressed in either dress pants or nice jeans, and bar shirts (collared shirts, many times Lacoste, Polo, etc.). There were a few guys who wore ties but definitely no suits. The girls had more of a variety in their outfits for the night. Many girls were in short dresses, while others wore pants and a "going out top." I would say that generally Club Apartment was dressier than the bars we are used to in Ann Arbor, but at the same time, you could get away with almost anything you would usually wear out at night.

My sorority had rented out the entire nightclub so that there weren't any random people. Date parties at clubs are much safer when the sorority or fraternity rents out the entire place, that way it is just University of Michigan students. When the party is contained to just people the fraternity or sorority members know and invited, it is less likely for drink to get spiked and so on.

Club Apartment turned out to be a great location for a date party. The club had a sophisticated vibe to it. This sophistication was a nice change of scene from the college bars that we are used to in Ann Arbor. The club was two stories; the upstairs had a bar and couches to lounge on, while the downstairs had another bar and a pretty large dance floor. However, the dance floor was so large that it never really filled up and people were hesistant to dance at first. While the dancing never quite took off to the degree of other date parties, the club was roomy and fun, and the bartenders were very friendly, so I would definately recommend attending a date party in this location.

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