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October 28, 2007

Club Bleu

This past Thursday night, I attended another date party at another club in Detroit. The club is called Bleu Room or Club Bleu, and is located on Woodward Avenue, right in the heart of Detroit. Club Bleu is across the street from Club Apartment, which I was at only a couple weeks ago.

This date part at Club Bleu was similar to the date party at Club Apartment. The guys mostly wore jeans and bar shirts (collared), while the girls wore anything from jeans and fancy tops to dresses and skirts. Because the weather was slightly colder this time, some girls also wore high boots with their outfits. No one really brought coats because you there was no guarantee of a coat check, and the last thing you want to do is have to carry your coat around all night or keep track of it.

While I had a great time at Club Bleu because I was in good company, the bar itself wasn't anything special. Club Bleu was only one floor and consisted of mostly a dance floor and a few places to sit. There were also two bars but they were mostly small and it was slightly difficult to get a drink. Kappa Kappa Gamma, my sorority, rented out the entire bar, but it didn't seem like it because of the wait to get drinks. It was also frustrating because there was practically no where to sit. The dance floor was lined with a few tables on a raised surface, but there weren't nearly enough for the amount of people at the party. While places to sit may seem trivial, it actually makes quite a differene. We were there from about 10:30pm to 1am, and it was impossible for people to stay dancing the entire time, hence the need for tables.

One thing I did like about this bar was the size of the bar. At one of my last date parties at Club Apartment, it was so big the dance floor never really filled up. At this club, since there was only one floor, everyone was gathered together on or around the dance floor.

Overall, this date party seemed pretty generic. The generic date party can be fun, just don't expect something new or exciting and make sure you are with your friends or a date you actually like! Also, since it was the weekend before Halloween, I would have preferred something with a costume theme to spice things up a little bit.

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