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November 02, 2007


This past weekend I went to my most casual date party yet. One of the local fraternities rented out Colonial Lanes, here in Ann Arbor, and took their dates bowling.

This was a refreshing twist on a date party because it didn't require anyone to get dressed up. In addition, it was nice to have a set activity at a date party. Usually it is implied you will mingle and dance, but if you are shy or don't know many people, that can be somewhat awkward. Bowling was great because it automatically got people interacting and was so much fun.

The bus ride was short and sweet, therefore we had the majority of the evening to hang out at the bowling alley. While the bowling alley may seem like an odd place to host a date party, it actually turned out to be really entertaining. There was a restaurant inside the bowling alley for those that wanted a break, and for later in the night when people began to get hungry. The bowling alley also dimmed the lights and had disco bowling, along with playing fun music to dance to.

I thought this date party was a great way to meet people as well. It was less focused on actual "dates" and more focused on the group. When I was bowling I got to meet people because we had to group up for lanes. Furthermore, it was easy to meet and mingle with the neighboring lanes.

The best part, though, was that you could wear jeans a t-shirt. Theme parties and more formal date parties are fun, but it's also nice when there aren't any dress expectations, especially this late in the year when there have already been many dress-up parties. Another nice party of this date party was that we got back relatively early, around 12:30am. Therefore, if not a lot of your friends were attended with you, you had the chance to meet up with them afterward wherever they might be. Or if you ended up having fun with your date, you had the chance to hang out afterwards.

Even when date parties might seem random, I highly suggest going because those can be some of the best ones!

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