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December 03, 2007


This past weekend I went to my sorrority's formal at Comerica Park, and it was my favorite date party yet.

Formal is like any date party in the sense that the activity is mainly dancing, but there is also a sit down dinner. This is nice because it gives everyone a chance to talk and actually spend time with each other.

In addition, formal is the dressiest date party of the year. Guys are expected to wear shirts and ties in the least, and suits are highly encouraged. Girls wear fancy dresses, long or short. Some people compare formal to prom, but personally I think prom is way dressier.

It took us about an hour to get to Comerica Park becuase the roads were icy, but it was about the same distance as nightclubs in Detroit (where many date parties are held). One of things I loved about this venue was that even though the weather was torrential, the location was still amazing. The actual location of our formal was held at a restaurant overlooking the entire field. The restaurant had the lights over the field put on, and we could see the entire field and rest of the park.

The dinner was served buffet style and was pretty standard. The main dish was chicken, and the sides were vegetables, potatoes, and salad. There was also a cheese tray for an appetizer, which was waiting for us when we arrived. For dessert there were various pastries. Dinner lasted about 45 minutes by the time everyone got their food and finished eating.

While I definitely liked this year's formal better than last, I wish that we were served dinner like last year, rather than having a buffet. Last year we were served dinner and it was better because everyone ate at the same time. Buffets can take a long time and some people were done before others.

Regardless of food though, I enjoyed myself. It was nice to have formal this past weekend because it landed right before finals, but not too close. For me, it served as my last night out before I have to begin studying for my finals. I was very happy to end on such a fun night and to see most of my friends before I lock myself in the library.

Overall, I liked this year's formal way better than last year's. Last year we had ours in a hotel ballroom. The venue was blah and there was barely a dance floor. The location made it seem more like a Bat-Mitzvah rather than a date party. In addition, the ballroom was so massive, it always felt empty.

While the venue and other aspects may make some formals better than others, formal is always fun because of the atmosphere. Whether formal is at the typical nightclub or even just a regular restaurant or hotel, everyone gets so excited for it and you can sense that energy the whole night.

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