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January 24, 2007


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Colorful Collection

They lie in an even row across the entire bottom of my first desk drawer, intentionally organized by their shade of color and the thickness of their point. They range from shades of red to violet, as well as browns, black, and gold… from magnum to fine to ultra fine points. My sharpie permanent markers are always perfectly aligned. When you pull the rounded cap off which reveals the color you can see the sharp, felt tip hidden underneath, so as not to dry out.

I did not intend to form a collection of Sharpies, but rather it came upon me as I became more creative and artistic. My collection of the large variety of sharpie colors and sizes began with a simple black fine point marker. As I got bored of always writing in such a bold, black letter, I stealthily began stealing the more exciting colors from my mother’s top desk drawer. I am still mesmerized by the several uses a simple Sharpie permanent marker can have! Whether I am doodling in pretty pinks and purples on my journal, labeling my clothes before camp, or coloring in my nails, a Sharpie is always available to do the trick.

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