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February 21, 2007

Glowng Souvenirs

Recently, I attended my younger cousins Bar Mitzvah service and party where he celebrated becoming an adult in the Jewish culture. At midnight when the celebration was dwindling down, I decided it was time to leave… but I could not leave without something to remember the special occasion by. Thus, I took with me a memento that I continue to leave on my desk today: glow stick bracelets. The black, cylindrical cardboard box contains twenty dull colored bracelets that remain this way until cracked in several spots. Once they are physically cracked, the bracelets glow multiple shades of neon orange, green, yellow, blue, pink and miraculously light up any dark area. Included are twenty clear connector pieces to enable a person to connect it around his or her wrist and wear the fun, bright glow stick as a bracelet.

While this may seem like a silly item to have taken from a party and keep as a memory, it actually has a significant meaning to me. I took this souvenir from my cousins Bar Mitzvah to remind me of the joyous occasion where all twenty of my family members finally united for the first time in years. My aunts, uncles, and cousins had flown in from as far as London and San Francisco to celebrate the event. Thus, I believe that these light up toys, which brag that they are perfect for, “bars, parties, concerts, and celebrations? really lightened the mood and portrayed the bright and celebratory atmosphere. These glowing bracelets are not only an important symbol in my family’s eyes, but they can also represent a festive mood in any social context. They are commonly known to be exciting toys or gifts at social parties to help liven the mood with their brightness. According to http://www.glowstickfactory.com , these glowing objects are a product that "add that unique touch to a special event". Not only are they creating the ordinary glow sticks and glow bracelets, the company has expanded to creating personizable glow sticks and glowing ice cubes to brighten up all types of parties. This is evidence of the energy that a simple glowing novelty toy can bring to a social event!

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