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March 13, 2007

enviro issue

A few days ago I was at Hiller’s Market, in Ann Arbor, checking out at the cash register, when I saw a line of people waiting to use the convenient recycling machines that the grocery store has. I actually stopped to watch because it was so fascinating. I have never seen these modern machines with circular holes that produce change for each item recycled. I have never even seen so many people waiting around, anxious to recycle. In Cleveland, where I am from, I hardly ever see people throwing a can into a recycling bin. It is usually careless tossed into the garbage can along with everything else. The next day, as I was drinking a can of Diet Coke, I looked at the top to see what states accepted the five cents in exchange for the cans. Ohio was clearly not on it. However, Michigan was. It continues to surprise me how important recycling is in Michigan, specifically, Ann Arbor.
Especially in our society today, we have become extremely wasteful. We don’t always give throwing out a bottle of water a second thought. But recycling is actually really important. Many items that we use can be reused or made into new materials, and recycling reduces energy usage. When I looked into the recycling concerns in Ann Arbor, I was not shocked to see so many places to drop off recyclables, specific instructions as to what can be recycled and how, and dozens of groups that hope to make a change. One of these non-profit organizations, Recycle Ann Arbor is trying to improve the “environmental quality” by recycling. Thus, they have set up a ReUse center is a place to resell donated materials for a lower cost. However, since the citizens of Ann Arbor are such active recyclers, it filled up so quickly that they had to physically expand the size of the building. This information, found on http://www.recycingtoday.com really tries to encourage the citizens of Ann Arbor to increase the amount of materials that they recover and reuse. It then gives a list of materials that can be recycled.

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