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March 06, 2007

Social Phenomenon

In a time when the internet has become a large method of communication among my generation, people are spending more and more time searching random websites on their free time. One of the most popular websites on the internet today is www.youtube.com. On this website you can upload your own videos for free or watch other people from all over the world’s videos for absolutely no cost. You can easily search through the thousands of video clips by typing in a subject in a search box or browsing through a simple list of categories. After viewing a video clip you can leave a comment for the author of the clip to respond to.
This website, which is rapidly gaining popularity, is an easy way for anybody to get a message across a large audience without having to pay. Small, unknown bands can use it to promote a concert. Artists and actors can use it to display their work. Striving film producers can use it to gain recognition. Additionally, perhaps what is the most interesting is the fact that the 2008 presidential candidates are now using YouTube as a campaigning device. In an article on www.foxnews.com, Jim Kuhnhenn explains that it is such an important election that the candidates are trying to go beyond the traditional methods of reaching voters. Not to mention, the ads broadcasted on cable TV are extremely expensive where as YouTube is one hundred percent free. In a poll that was recently conducted, it was found that YouTube is so beneficial because it reaches two main audiences: younger viewers and journalists. Since it has always been difficult to convince younger people to become involved and vote for elections, this could hopefully help encourage them to become more active! Also, it might be interesting to see if and how the candidates respond to any comments left on the video clips. This interaction could possibly affect the outcome of the election.


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