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March 26, 2007

Tutoring in General

Peer tutoring has been kind of a drag, lately. The center has been slow, and I usually help some of my roommates with their papers (they decided to come and give me something to do because I had been complaining about not having many sessions). Granted, I enjoy tutoring but sometimes it feels as though I’m wasting an hour or two, sitting around, hoping for people to walk through the door before my two hour block of time runs out. There have been weeks where I simply did not tutor at all due to a lethal combination of overstaffing and a lack of tutees.

I just want more experience! Sometimes, when I have mediocre sessions, I question my ability to be a tutor and I find myself craving more opportunities to really work with a student on his/her paper. Then, I find myself sorely disappointed when I come in contact with a student who persistently asks for assistance with grammar, and after reading his/her paper, realize that grammar is the only issue and the paper is solid throughout. Sadly, my best session so far has been with my roommate, who did not really need my help, but simply wanted another pair of eyes to look over her midterm. I was honored that she asked me, but I knew she was just trying to keep me busy rather than bored at the center. Oh well. Hopefully things will pick up during finals.

Posted by aimroby at March 26, 2007 11:03 PM


I don't think you should doubt your competence as tutor at all. Students can sometimes make it really hard to have a good session because they resist your efforts to engage them and then you end up being more directive than you would like. I hope too that things will pick up during finals.

Posted by: holricha at March 29, 2007 11:24 AM

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