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December 05, 2008

Logic: Good or Bad 5

This last entry relates to economic systems and why capitalism will almost always reign over communism and socialism. By the end, you will see the one logical flaw to both communism and socialism alike even though they are different systems. At first glance, it would seem that communism and socialism are better than capitalism in that they allow the Utopian wish for perfect equality to all.

In communism and socialism, the workers have more power over the company owners, whether the owners be independent groups or the government. The working class are allowed to make the "corporate decisions" as they are called in capitalism. Furthermore, every worker is treated equally, receiving equal pay and benefits from working. One small flaw in the rules of communism which i learned in my philosophy class is that there are perks that workers can receive from the governments for good work. This almost makes communism exactly the same as capitalism because it allows for some people to be treated or payed better than others.

However, the main logical problem with communism and socialism is that there is no incentive to work any harder than the worker next to you. In fact, there is little to no incentive to work hard at all. As some have philosophized in the past, the invisible hand is the incentive to work hard. The invisible hand is basically the idea that society is always watching you hence causing you to always do the right thing. In other words, the fabric of society in communism and socialism is based on trust. This line of thought brings us to whether or not humans are inherently good or evil and many philosophers have given reasons for both being true. So since there is no known answer as to whether humans are inherently good or evil, it makes more sense to use the economic system of capitalism because incentives are not based on trust, they are based on wishes of success and the law. The ideas of communism can be further explored in this website regarding the invisible hand.

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