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December 13, 2006

Arconis Migrate Easy 7.0

I recently needed to copy the contents of a failing, partitioned hard drive to a new disk. I ran across Arconis Easy Migrate 7.0 for $40. It did the job, and was very easy to use. It will dynamically resize partitions, so moving from my existing 160GB drive to a 300GB disk was easy. The interface is simple -- anyone that can physically install a hard drive in their system should be able to use this tool to copy their system.


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Copy songs *from* your iPod

iPodCopy 7.20 allows you to copy songs from your IPod to your Windows PC. This is handy if your music library gets wiped out without a backup.


I haven't tried this product myself, but I'm noting it here as I know people that wished for this functionality in the past.

Also, supposedly iTunes (at least v7.0.2 and later, maybe earlier versions as well) now offer this ability. You just need to authorize the computer in question.

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