February 08, 2013

A few thoughts on ELI 2013

I spent 70 hours in Denver this week as an attendee and convener for Educause Learning Initiative Annual Meeting 2013.

I always enjoy seeing what other schools present at these events. Before the conference, I was particuarly intrugued with the Kinect apps to be demonstrated during "A Hitchhiker's Guide to Gesture-Based Computing," but ended up being more excited by seeing what people are doing to teach with mobile devices, both in classrooms [as with InkSurvey, an HTML5 instant-feedback system that works like iClicker crossed with Draw Something] and by taking the devices out into the world [as with iPadJournos, a VCU project where journalism students capture news as it happens and prepare news reports for local TV]. I also saw what our old friends at SHW Group, who designed the Stephen S. Clark Library, developed for GVSU [it's funny how sometimes, you have to travel hundreds of miles away to see what's going on down the road]. The Pew Library is scheduled to debut this fall and it looks stunning.

Steve Lonn co-presented one of the preconference seminars, as well as leading a Featured Session with two U-M professors and Emily Puckett Rogers, who appeared virtually via a Google+ hangout.

I moderated two sessions, as is my custom at Educause events. And I met Chad from CRLT in a Learning Circle. [I wish the University had a site like this, where staff and faculty could register their intent to attend a conference, so I'd know who-all was going beforehand. As it is, when I attend conferences, I routinely drape myself in maize and blue as a sign to other U-M attendees who may not know if anyone else is here either. I look like Bo threw up on me.] I made quite a few new friends from other schools, too.

I also got the chance to meet up with Doug Chase, a former U-M staffer who leads a team at Four Winds Interactive, the developer of our digital signage systems. Doug reiterated FWI's commitment to us.

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