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August 21, 2007


Creative Suite 3 has mental problems, man.

One of my people had problems with Illustrator CS3 on his Macbook after updating it -- the program would immediately exit when you chose to save your work. But mine was fine. That is because I updated Illustrator install by downloading the update directly from Adobe, while he used the auto-opening Adobe Update app it kindly tucks into the Utilities folder.

When I was a roving Mac technician I got into the habit of keeping all the latest updates to Adobe, Microsoft, and Quark apps on one of my handful of USB flash drives. I could always apply bug fixes to a troublesome app no matter where I was, or how fast the network was, or whether the workstation was even on a network. So I never really used Adobe Update -- I felt more confident clicking through everything myself. [It didn't help Adobe Update's cause that it made you type your admin password before installing every single update anyway.]

With my person's Macbook, I reinstalled CS3 and installed the Illo update manually and he was good as new. Also, I zipped Adobe Update so it wouldn't just run.

I see that Adobe is now offering an update to Adobe Update, which is not only extremely meta but I am scared to install it until I hear it doesn't screw something else up.

Posted by britainw at August 21, 2007 09:54 AM


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