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December 07, 2007

Takk - Sigur Ros

Takk Sigur Ros

This album is as beautiful as it is calming. The wordless drones of this Icelandic duo flow perfectly from song to song. Meaning may be entirely subjective, but that's part of the beauty. The band leaves it up to the listener to decide.

The songs are entirely composed of strings and the "lyrics" of a made-up language, giving the album an even more abstract feel. Musically, the album is pure gold. "Glosoli", the single from the album, builds to an explosion point easily four or five times before ever actually releasing. This tension is even further realized in the video, a strong point for the band as a whole.

The video's of the band provide insight into their possible meanings, yet never seem too insistent on their meanings being "the meaning". Always abstract, yet poignant, the video focus on everything from flying children's bands in the Icelandic country side to young gay soccer players. Everyone seems to build to the happiest of moments, much like the songs, only to die off slowly. By mirroring the video itself to the songs, we find a beautiful play between the abstration of song and the images.

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