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April 12, 2007


Having used del.icio.us all semester, I became more familiar with technology both in the personal and business market. While looking for articles, I came across many about the competetiveness and quick advancements happening on a daily basis. Del.icio.us was a very helpful tool when organizing for projects. Instead of cluttering up my favorites on Explorer, I added websites to my account- where I could easily access the websites I needed by categorizing them with tags. Delicious is a great source to learn about, especially when doing job searches and having to remember multiple sites. The network is also very large with thousands of users with whom you can share sites.I feel that I could have used del.icio.us more often for personal use. In addition, I used del.icio.us to search for open source software and found some fun statistics, for example: top 100 more liveable cities. Randomly, I would look at the Top Picks of the day and scroll through some of the articles.

Posted by cassadam at April 12, 2007 03:01 PM