April 24, 2008

The creation, a transformation story



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April 23, 2008

frame and the eye

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April 13, 2008

Misson complete...Notes to self

The writer in the lab did not exists because the reader (experimenter) now creates the work, but the writer would be part of the subject because the words are his and we can not get rid of all the words at once.


Can the poem was a cycle that never ended, but could redirect within the cycle?

When repeated but without some words and lines. Could both copies mean the same? Or would the second change the meaning of the first?

Could it have been created to change?

What happens when sections are taken out or read in different orders?


My project was centered on the idea of a constant changing frame, and if only frames created to change could change.

The results:

The poem that best coincided with my project was John Cage's "Lecture on nothing ".

The format and nature of this poem fit my experiment because it was meant to change. The purpose, being, and end are there but it controlled by the reader, allowing it to change with every reader.

Because there is always a piece of the original element left, each experiment was an addition or reconfiguration of the first reading of the text. The meaning was different each time, but my mind still tied them all together.

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Laboratory...or Imagination room...

In a lab things get tested, created, and/or perfected.

The experimenter should know what is being tested and on some level control the test.

Reconfigured, in reference to print is to reorder thoughts and other information with their original limitations. Reconfiguring is not adding anything new.

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