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January 16, 2007

Kelly Socks collection blog

As a child, I was fascinated with anything that moved. When I walked into a toy store I immediately ran to the section where airplanes were spinning from the ceiling. I was not a normal girly child. I liked toy cars rather than Barbie dolls. I began collecting rascar toy cars when I was four years old. My favorite toy car was the maroon Rangeover or the BMW with the dog in the front seat. I would sit for numerous hours on the carpet in my 12’ by 12’ room lining up my cars in different arrangements. I would create different scenarios with my cars. As I grew up the cars started to bore me. For Hanukah one year my mom bought me a toy garage where my cars could race up and down the driveway. I started to enjoy my cars again after I received the car garage. I would categorize my cars by which ones I liked the most and would then ignore the ones I liked the least. I would split the cars up into threes and would then divide them into families. My collection of cars provided me with entertainment.
The cars served as my ultimate site of comfort. Whenever I didn’t want to talk to anyone I would always go sit in my room for hours talking to myself and making up stories. My toy cars served as the basis for my imagination. The idea of collecting something allows you to cherish important objects in your life. My cars made me believe that I had something important in my life. When all else failed I always had my cars as an object of comfort.

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