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February 13, 2007

A souvenir-due feb 22

As I wandered the Exhibit Museum in search of an idea for the museum project I stumbled upon the very small gift shop. Unlike other museums, the prices were pretty reasonable. In search of something that would reflect the museum, I came upon a 25-cent pink rubber dinosaur. Although the pink dinosaur sits above my desk and really has no purpose, it stands for the museum and that I visited the museum. A souvenir is something of sentimental value. Although the dinosaur really has no sentimental value for me, it stands by itself as a representation of something I enjoyed. Is this pink dinosaur a good representation of the exhibit museum? Is it a good representation even if it does not have the name of the museum written all over it? I believe souvenirs come in all different forms and anything is a good representation of the thing it is representing if it has some connection to what the place offers. What brought me to buy the pink dinosaur is its bright pink color and the funny posture of the dinosaur. Visually the dinosaur appealed to me. The types of souvenirs people purchase reflect their personal interests and also their gender. Tina Butler says in her article, "Souvenirs are an attempt to substitute objects for culture. For the souvenir collector, no culture exists until it is represented by objects"( http://news.mongabay.com/2005/0506a-tina_butler.html). She discusses how souvenirs are mainly there to represent a culture and to be an object. Maybe my pink dinosaur is just an object that represents the pre-historic time but to me it is visually appealing and is a remembrance of my visit to the Exhibit Museum. As for now, my pink dinosaur sits above my desk waiting for the next time I will pick it up and discuss its importance in my life.

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