December 20, 2007

Assessing Your Team's UX Skills

"I didn't realize it required so many different skills," the newly-appointed user experience (UX) team manager told us. "I mean, it seemed so straight forward when we came up with the idea, but once we got into it, we kept realizing all the things we didn't know how to do."

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October 24, 2007

Cross Channel Experience

Amazon offers a great example of a true cross-channel experience.

Cross-Channel 1: Online to Real Time
I had some books to return. I filled out the return information online and a return label was provided for me to print, tieing the box to my online entry. It made the return easy (which with my schedule is a critical barrier for entry).

Cross-Channel 2: Email to Online to Phone
I got an email today indicating that the box had been received on their end. The details of the return had an 'issue' (I was charged for return postage when I should not have been). I clicked through the email (I wanted to reply -- which I couldn't, but that's a different issue) to online and saw the option to contact Amazon by phone. A small window pops and asks for my phone number. I barely had pressed return and my phone was ringing! The item was resolved in 5 minutes.

Cross-Channel 3: Phone to Email
Back into my email, and there's already an inquiry asking me if my issue was resolved to my satisfaction. Even better, there were two separate links: one to click if I was satisfied, a different one if I was not. [and there's a closing of the loop]

That's a Total Experience!

[Found via TotalExperience]

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