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February 16, 2007

ADPi Girls at Work!!!

Between school and extracurricular activities there is often little time for much else. However some of our beautiful ladies can also be found at their workplaces.

You can find them hard at work in these great positions and places on campus:

-Outback Steakhouse
-Pizza House
-Study Group Leader
-Trauma Burn Intensive Care Unit at U of M hospital
-Campus Information Centers
-University Union Arts and Programs
-Tourguides for the University
-Ruthven Natural History Museum
-Research Assistants (Internal Medicine and Genetics)
-Magill and Rumsey, P.C. law firm
-The Necto Nightclub
-Physics Department Office Assistant
-LS&A Dean's Office
-Touchdown's Cafe
-Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives
and many, many more!!!

I just feel it is important for all of you to see how diverse our sisters are. You could be walking down practically any street and be able to find one of them working at a resturant, office, or night club. It is amazing to have these girls as references also when looking for a job.

I know personally how nice it is to have a surprise visit while working. So if you are ever in the mood for a burrito, latte, or would like a tour of campus or museum stop and see one of our lovely ladies. They would love to see you!

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