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February 13, 2007

ADPi Intramural Field Hockey Team

This year Alpha Delta Pi created its first intramural field hockey team. The team consisted of both old and new players. Creaters of the team were Laura and Kaitlyn, who recruited other members of the house to make a full team. Lisa, Kelly, and Maureen were all experienced players from high school. Last year both Kaitlyn and Maureen played on the same intramural team. New players, Caitlin and Alyssa also made valuabale contributions to the team. It was fun for all the former high school rivals to unite together and play on the same team. It was difficult to have a team with so few players, as the game is very tiring, but the team held strong and played every game the best they could. At times there were no substitutes for the team, and sometimes they were even shorthanded.

There were six teams total playing in this intramural sport, and surprisingly, our team was the only team that was not co-ed. Typically field hockey is thought of as a female sport, but actually field hockey is popular for both men and women around the world. It is one of the most popular sports in the world, and is very popular in countries such as Pakistan, India, The Netherlands, and South Africa. You can learn more about the rules of the game and the sport at the USA Field Hockey Official Site.

Unfortunately, the ADPi team did not have a very successful season, but it was fun nonetheless. Caitlin, an unexperienced player, stepped up and played goalie for the team. The team named Alyssa as the most improved player for the team because she had never played before and scored goals for the team on her first day.

ADPi's next intramural team will most likely be broomball, but our athletic chair will allow any team to be created if there is enough interest from the house. If you have a sport you are intersted in and want to put a team together, let the house know! You can find out what IM sports are avaliable and when registration deadlines are at http://www.recsports.umich.edu/intramurals/

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